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The Red Crescent Society...

The Red Crescent Society in Jerusalem was founded in the year 1951, for the purpose of providing health care thru the Health Committee, and to offer social counseling and human services by the way of the social Relations committee. The Society took it upon herself to assist and support the families in need, and to assist and care for the families of the imprisoned , incarcerated and who and the martyred, thru an Ad hoc committees.

One of the Society's prime project was the establishment of the Maternity Hospital in 1953. It was located with in the walls of the Old Holy City ; and it had a (10) ten bed Capacity. In 1971, due to pressure caused by the confined quarters, and in response to an increasing demand for our services, we moved to a building outside the walled city, to Bad Al-Sahirah ( Herod's Gate) location. the move was also substantiated by the increasing bed capacity to (26) bed.





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