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Wednesday, 24 March 2010 20:04

Red Crescent Society - Jerusalem

The Red Crescent Society – Jerusalem is a charitable non profit, non governmental society, establish its first maternity hospital in the old city of Jerusalem in 1953, helping the poor and needy providing OB-Gyn services, presents a project called " An Eye On The Future " which will be carried out by the Red Crescent Society Hospital in the city of Jerusalem . The society will make an effort to promote, provide and coordinate means necessary for the adaptation and reconstruction of an existing hotel building to a Regional Maternal Hospital , to provide wider quality services so that women in the greater Jerusalem area could receive with joy and dignity.

In the month of March 2005, the society demonstrated the viability of its "Eye On The Future " venture by inaugurating the purchase of a five story building to the east of the old city of Jerusalem in the Mound of Olives area over viewing the Dome of the Rock and the whole city of Jerusalem .

According to statistical year book of Jerusalem – the Jerusalem institute for studies, the Palestinian Arabs account for 32% of the population who reside in the greater Jerusalem area and receive medical care in its boundaries.

Of the 31,402 births in the greater Jerusalem area in the year 2004, 3.398 delivered at the Red Crescent Society Hospital in Jerusalem, which account to about 11% of total deliveries, resulting 3.413 living new born, 216 were premature, 77 were admitted to NICU and 309 to IMCU. Also a total 1.084 surgical procedure amounting from major and minor surgical procedure.

The society, in accordance with the hospital management and consultant team will proceed with construction of Eight individual birthing rooms equipped with all its own medical equipment and had its own bathroom and 40 well furnished rooms with 60 beds capacity.

An added service which the society is looking forward to add to the hospital list of services in the IVF. A scarce and very expenses service to most underprivileged members of our society.

Increasing our Pre Mature Intensive Care Unit capacity, due to the increasing number of such cases from three to six open systems in one of our priority objectives, also increasing the capacity of our normal and intermediate nurseries, in addition to having an isolation nursery with four incubators and growing nursery with six incubators.

Also a Day Care Center to care for our staff members children and those in need of such services, due to lack of availability of good and well managed facilities.

Advancing our surgical ward by increasing is capacity and having a state of the art equipments and technologies.

The search of external funding for this project is necessary to guarantee its success and accomplishment, the society will carry the burden of budgeting for this project, in addition it will be reaching an approaching donors locally all over the world to assist in that mission.

Civil and reconstruction expenses will amount to almost 2.500.000 $ also the equipping of the hospital will added up to 2.742.900$.

Various packages o donation for the equipping of the hospital can be designed according to a wishes or means of donors from small to large donations to assets or equipments such as :

The society wishes to extend its gratefulness and gratitude to all who will be a helping hand in this project.

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