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The Red Crescent Society in Jerusalem was founded in the year 1951, for the purpose of providing health care thru the Health Committee, and to offer social counseling and human services by the way of the social Relations committee. The Society took it upon herself to assist and support the families in need, and to assist and care for the families of the imprisoned , incareerated and who and the marytored, thru an Ad hoc committees.

One of the Society's prime project was the establishment of the Maternity Hospital in 1953. It was located with in the walls of the Old Holy City ; and it had a (10) ten bed Capacity. In 1971, due to pressure caused by the confined quarters, and in response to an increasing demand for our services, we moved to a building outside the walled city, to Bad Al-Sahirah ( Herod's Gate) location. the move was also substantiated by the increasing bed capacity to (26) bed.

In 1995 the administrative committee sought to develop renew, and improve the specialty medical services at the hospital, and made the move to Al-Siwwaneh quarter, on the main thoroughfare to Al-Tur (mount of Olives) Jerusalem . The Hospital handles most specialty medical services in the field of Obstetrics/gynecology and newly born infants. It became one of the landmarks of the Holy City of Jerusalem. It's viable reputation, won the hospital the support and Patronage of large numbers of the Jerusalemites and the neighboring area residents, Its excellent performance won it the respect of other hospitals in the area, that a large number of patients are referred to us thru several west bank hospitals.

The society also run and manage two (2) out-patient clinics. The first being the Bab Al-Sahira ( Herod's Gate) Clinic; It offers the primary medical care to pregnant women before and after delivery , It Start a program of evaluating and treating children beginning with the first week after birth. It also instituted an immunization program in strict complance with the World Health Organization (WHO). It also give lectures to stress the role of preventive steps on the maintenance of the good health for the patients.

The Second Clinic is located at the heart of the old city of Jerusalem just a throw stone away from the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque. In addition to services to pregnant women and child care, it offer General medicine, Emergency and first aid, X-Ray, Laboratory and Dental Clinic


Activities and enterprises during the period covered by the report :-

a) The Hospital:

The three (3) years covered by the report were the years of financial and administrative stability. The salaries of the employees had been paid on timely manner, and all our obligations - weather it be water and electrical bills, or living allowances, medical equipments and drugs-were met. During the said period, a pay scale was introduced to govern all the employees and protect their financial rights. The hospital management fulfilled this internal regulation in accordance with the recognized regulation, and in accordance with the regulations of other hospitals.

The next table indicates the size of the operation, and the continuous increase in receipts.


Number of Deliveries

Number of Cesarean Sections










The following table shows the activities of Bab-Al Sahera clinic (Herod's Gate )


Pregnancy Registration

Pregnancy Follow-up

Gynological Diseases

Family Planning

Newly born (one wk, old) evaluation























The following table shows the activities of Aqbat - Al Khalidia clinic (The Old City ).


Gen. Medicine

Dental Clinic

Emerg. First Aid

Immuniza- tion

Newly born evaluation (one wk.)

Family Planning

Gyno logy

Preg. Follow-up

Preg. Registration































  The Administrative Committee of the Society Constantly strives to recruit and hire the most efficient and able medical, technical and managerial staff. The hospital and the two out-patient clinics are manned by (136) employees distributed as shown on the following table:

Managerial, financial



Support Staff (med.)

Trades - Kitchen Staff, Secretarial, Reception, Janitorial














•  Scientific activities and Continuing education

 •  The Hospital was recognized by the Palestine Medical Association, and the Palestine Medical Board for its advanced scientific and medical achievements, and it was recommended to be a trainging hospital for resident doctors in the field of obstetrics/gynecology, preparing them to pass the board exam and practice medicine.

 •  A contract was signed with the College of Medicine at Al-Quds University to teach and train sixth and seventh year medical students in accordance with a curiculum designed by our hospital specialists.

 •  Recognition from the Royal College Specialty Board: During the year 2002, the hospital administration have had correspondence with the Board of Directors of the British Royal College resulted in receiving their sanction to train our doctors for the period of (4) years, after which they'll be able to take the exam part I and part II.

At the conclusion of stringent selecting process consisted of written, oral tests, and interviews; four (4) of our female doctors were selected to Join the program this year (2003).

 •  Enhancing the nurses performance level at the Hospital:

The management has sent several qualified nurses to enroll in midwifery programs where they will receive their diplomas from recognized Universities in the west Bank. It also sent some nurses to concise courses in the field of psychology, and intensive care for premature infants.

 •  The committee for continuing education prints and distributes periodical and circular bulletins concerning the care during pregnancy, the importance and relevancy of the triple test, and informative bulletins deals with various stages of pregnancy. The nursing staff at the clinics give lectures in the field of preventive health care for pregnant women. In some schools, they lecture on the problems of adolescence, contagious diseases, the importance of Immunization, child nourishment, and other subjects of utmost importance.

A group discussion is conducted on a weekly basis, with the participation of all the specialists, the medical, and nursing staff to discuss and assess complexed, chronic, unusual, and rare cases.

•  Financial Status:

  The hospitals revenues covers the routine expenditures for the hospital and the two (2) out-patient clinics. The hospital also shares the burden of more than one thousand families , by writing-off more than fifty thousand U.S. dollars (50000) in medical fees for services rendered to them.

  In the last three (3) years alone, the problems caused by unsettled political impasse, accompanied by constant closures, restricted movement caused by military check points and barricades, deteriorating economic conditions, and the high unemployment rate, have had increased the sum of uncollectable debts to two Hundred fifty seven thousands six hundred ninety eight u.s. dollars ( $ 257,698).

•  Youth Volunteer Committee

  The Administrative committee ( of the society) made it priority to actively emphasize the role of youth volunteers. It rented a gathering center for them, furnished and equipped it with relevant equipments. Further more, it had allocated the funds in the budgeting process to cover most of their activities. In the last three (3) years, the volunteers were noticeably active, they had planned an annual summer camp - that included children from the old city -, complete with the premises , transportations, and meals all through - out the camp period. The camp participants were furnished with special attire and accompanied with guides and trainers to make their camp venture a thrilling and memorable experience.

  During the holy month of Ramadan each year, the volunteers intensify their work where they have high profile appearance all through - out the courts of the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, guiding the people to the designated areas of pray, and directing them to alternative routes during the congestion and bottlenecks at the city gates. They move the sick and the unable people to first aid centers or to ambulances. In tandem with the Jerusalem schools administration, the youth volunteers engage in an annual drive to collect book bags and distribute it to the needy students at the Jerusalem area schools.

•  Future Projects:

  •  The society endeavors to modernize the medical equipments and Instruments. Many of the equipments we are now using, has been in use for over ten (10) years. The replacement cost of such equipments is one million three hundred twenty one thousands U.S. dollars ($1,321,000). We submitted few applications to Fund granting agencies, and we are still hoping for their positive response. (for list of equipments, see the attached list).

  •  Equipping a second operation room to meet the increased demand for the services.

  •  Outfitting the Intensive care section for the premature infants with an additional unit.

  •  Inaugurate a complete In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) section.

 •  Update the existing medical library, and embellish it with the most recent medical encyclopedias, Institute regular subscription to famed medical Journals, supply the library with recent illustration and information retrieving systems.

Construction of a new wing:

The administrative committee spares no effort to acquire the building permits from the Jerusalem municipality to add an new west wing to the present facilities.

The new construction is so vital, for it provides the hospital with much needed spaces for section; of uttermost importance, i.e. ( record keeping and storage section, nurses residence, laundry, and the IVF section). In addition to providing for bed space, where the beds are used to 103% capacity.

We are glad to announce that the Islamic Bank for Development in Jeddah had deposited sum of money for this purpose , and we hope to utilize these funds at the earliest time possible.

The Administrative committee Strives to purchase and own a tract of land in the city of Jerusalem to erect a medical monument with the name Red Crescent Proudly exhibited and the Red crescent flag flying high on its flagstaff, in the very near future, God willing.