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Medical Sections:


  1. Medical Departments:

  • Labor / Delivery Department:

This section accomplishes on the average of 10 deliveries/day where all necessary equipments are available including fetal monitors resuscitations equipments etc…

Labor analgesia is available including epidural analgesia, qualified midwives and obstetricians are available to supervise the deliveries.


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  • Surgical Department:

A number of highly professional gynecologists besides qualified nurses leading this department in various obstetrical and gynecologist surgeries such as D&C cesarean section, laparoscopy, hysterectomy, ovarian tumors etc…

The department contains two operating rooms one recovery room and eight post operative beds.


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  • Neonatal Intermediate Nursery Unit:

This section functions as the first line defense after birth   upon delivery   the  neonate is taken to this section  where a battery of screening tests are done by a stuff of nurse and pediatricians aimed at discovering of disease  congenital of abnormalities for observation.

When the results are proven to preclude the existence of disease and abnormalities   the new infant is returned to his mother for feeding and care.



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  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit:

This unit receives patients with emergency cases at different ages. With the remarkable rise of birth numbers, the probability of cases in need of intensive care also increases.

The hospital management is working on expanding this section in order to double the three (3) existing IC units to six (6) that in addition to nine (9) existing incubators presently at hand.



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  • Post Natal Department:

After birth careful and intensive care is being done to the delivered patient and her infant in this department. Lectures and instructions are given to the mother regarding hygiene and care for the mother and the newborn .


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  •  Emergency & Ambulance Department:

It was established in year 2006, serving the population of Jerusalem and its surrounding areas, transporting patients from the west bank to Jerusalem hospitals.

Qualified team of ambulance drivers and paramedics with two fully equipped ambulances are working in this department.

Due to the increasing number of transferred patients the administrator is planning to increase the number of ambulances from two to five.


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Paramedical Sections:


  • Laboratory:

The laboratory is equipped with all that is needed to do hematology and chemistry and bacteriology for the women and newborn babies well trained staffs are working 24 hours 7 days to do all tests needed.


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  • Pharmacy:

The hospital pharmacy supplies the various hospital departments with medication and disposable needed for the various departments and for patients.


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  • X-Ray Department:

Radiological studies that are needed for woman and newborns are done in this department portable X-ray unit available in addition to the fixed one.


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Administrative and services Sections:


  • Administration:

The hospital and the out –patient clinics are managed by a management council that consist of the council president, (who has been elected from amongst the members),and the three hospital managers .

{The Medical Director The Administrative Director and the financial Director), In addition to three (3) members selected by the Red Crescent Society's Board of Directors.


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  • Receptions And Information Section:

This section is of focal importance. Some of the responsibilities of this section includes, but not limited to, receiving the patient, start their files and direct them to the concerned party, answering the phones and direct the calls, process the files, edit and make a computer entry of it.


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  • The Library:

Up to date medical books and teaching equipments are available including recent books, and internet service different plans to expand the services are present for the future.


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  • Hotel Services:

This section supervises the kitchen, cleanings, guards, laundry and sewing services insuring, high quality services for the patients and the employees.


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